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The Product Stewardship Society Publishes First-Ever Title, "Realizing the Full Business Value of Product Stewardship"

The Product Stewardship Society recently published a new title, "Realizing the Full Business Value of Product Stewardship." The book shines a light on the important work of product stewards and why companies need to invest more in these programs.​

Release No. SPR-16-08-10

Gabriella Lehimdjian, AIHA Communications
(703) 846-0700;

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (August 10, 2016) — Leading professionals in product stewardship contributed to "Realizing the Full Business Value of Product Stewardship," the first-ever title published by The Product Stewardship Society. This new book makes the case that product stewardship programs contribute more business value than companies realize.
“Product stewardship professionals should take credit for the value they add and carry that message to management. We have an excellent story to tell.” says Allan Fleeger, global product stewardship manager at ExxonMobil and the book’s chief editor.
In 13 chapters, readers discover the business case for robust product stewardship programs. Time after time, product stewards impact an organization’s success in direct and indirect ways. After reading the book, professionals will better understand how they support an organization’s business objectives, says Fleeger. "Realizing the Full Business Value of Product Stewardship" is available for purchase on the AIHA Marketplace site in book, kit, and PDF form. For more information please go to the Product Stewardship Society site.
Table of Contents for "Realizing the Full Business Value of Product Stewardship:"
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Product Stewardship Competencies & Effectiveness
Chapter 3: Product Stewardship Function
Chapter 4: Product Stewardship and Business Interface
Chapter 5: Product Safety
Chapter 6: Risk Management and Product Stewardship
Chapter 7: Product and Customer Support
Chapter 8: Issue Response
Chapter 9: Measuring the Performance and Business Value of Product Stewardship
Chapter 10: Advocacy
Chapter 11: Legal Considerations Relating to Tort and Product Liability Law
Chapter 12: Corporate Reputation
Chapter 13: Competitive Advantage

About the Product Stewardship Society

Founded in 2012, the Product Stewardship Society® is the professional organization exclusively for product stewardship professionals. We enable professionals involved in the practice of product stewardship to promote responsible design, development, and management of products throughout their life cycle. The Product Stewardship Society is an affiliate of AIHA®. For more information, visit