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Finding the Harmonization in GHS

Earn 1 Contact Hour

This free webinar is sponsored by Sphera

The GHS is not as harmonized as many of us may have hoped.  With all the countries who have currently implemented GHS, along with those that are coming up, are there ways to create a ‘harmonized’ SDS or label?  The world is becoming smaller and where we used to divide the planet up into regions, maybe we should look at it differently.  In this webinar we will look at different ways to create harmonized SDSs across multiple countries and ask questions on where a pragmatic view to SDS/Label creation might help make processes more efficient.



Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Identify some of the similarities and differences between different GHS implementations. 

  • Apply the building blocks of GHS in a more pragmatic efficient way.

  • Analyze the risks & impacts on decisions taken to harmonize hazard communications across jurisdictions.


Carrie Decatur

Current Position: Senior Regulatory Analyst

Carrie Decatur is an internationally recognized expert in GHS at the UN and individual country level. She has been with Sphera Solutions for over 10 years. In her role as Senior Regulatory Analyst she is responsible for the analysis and implementation of global chemical regulations into the Sphera Product Stewardship offerings and the web based IA (Intelligent Authoring) training program. She is Chair of the Global Regulatory Focus Group which is a monthly client-based forum where regulatory updates and issues and new system implementations are discussed. Carrie has worked in the Services group as a consultant where she utilized her experience in authoring SDSs and industry to assist clients in implementing product compliance software in an efficient and cost effective manner. Prior to joining Sphera, she worked in the chemical manufacturing arena where she was responsible for HSE and quality programs. 


Francis Trudeau

Current Position: Senior Product Manager

Francis Trudeau has worked for nearly 20 years in product compliance and chemical management. Francis has significant experience in solutions management and development, global regulations and industry standards enforced worldwide. He has worked on a wide variety of projects that support Sphera's integrated information management solutions, and addresses legal compliance challenges and the implementation of regulations in databases and software applications.  Francis is a recognised industry expert, serving both as a featured speaker at international conferences and leading multi-organisation task forces in establishing industry best practices for regulatory compliance.



​​Global Regulations; Hazard & Risk Communication


​Format- Free Webinar Recording
Time- 1 Hour
Credit- 1 Hour

 Learning Level - Experienced

​An Experienced learner has a thorough understanding of the content area and work experience including application and evaluation of the content/concepts in a variety of contexts; can vary performance based on unique situations​