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Product Stewardship Legislation and Regulation Development and Enactment

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Product stewardship professionals, and the organizations they support, must monitor and respond to emerging and new legislation and regulation in every country and regime where their products are made, moved, and marketed. This webinar introduces the types of legislative and regulatory systems in the world and the path to product stewardship regulation in key economies around the globe. As a result, product stewardship professionals will be able to enhance their effectiveness in anticipating and responding in a timely manner to new and emerging societal requirements.

During this webinar, we will help you understand:

  • The two basic types of law in the world
  • The key political systems in the major world economies and how those systems influence new legislation and regulation.
  • How regulations are enacted within the major world economies​


Gailen A. Hart, BSIE, MBA, Adjunct Professor, Indiana University School of Public Health

Mr. Hart currently serves a member of the product stewardship faculty at the Indiana University Fairbanks School of Public Health. Previously, Mr. Hart spent 38 years with ExxonMobil, initially holding a range of chemical plant manufacturing assignments, including project and cost engineering, and supervision of mechanical design and plant maintenance.  Later Headquarters assignments included management of export/import operations; new business development; and product management. In the latter half of his career, Mr. Hart held several product stewardship management positions, ultimately leading to the executive role in global product stewardship services for the corporation. Mr. Hart holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from Rutgers University.



Format: Webinar
Time: 1 Hour
Credit: 1 Hour

 Learning Level - Competent

A Competent learner can perform to basic standards; has a thorough understanding of the content area but limited practical/work experience in the application of the content/concepts​.​​​