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Eliminate Non-Compliance Fines with Product Stewardship Auditing

Earn 1 Contact Hour

It’s no secret that global product regulations have grown exponentially in the last 15 years, leaving companies at risk of production disruptions or an inability to sell their products. This has substantially raised the stakes for confirming compliance, raising the risk of costly fines more than ever. With such an increase in regulations, keeping up with compliance and safety protocols is more than a full-time job—but there are smart ways to approach global regulations that make it easier for you stay compliant, starting with an environmental, health and safety (EH&S) audit. These crucial audits assess a specific facility’s compliance to all of its jurisdictions’ regulations. A well-planned EH&S audit evaluates product compliance for the entire life cycle of your company’s product —from the components all the way through to the finished product. 

This webinar recording helps product stewards and EHS professionals get ahead of and overcome these complicated product-specific challenges, along with providing important safety practices and other important product stewardship factors. The focus will be on:
  • ​the most influential global product regulations;
  • how to adapt current EH&S audit protocols to include product regulations; and 
  • why compliance to those regulations affects the viability of a facility or organization and its brand

​This recording will benefit those who wish to incorporate product-based auditing into their existing facility or corporate audit program, get ahead of potential fines, and avoid non-compliance by expanding their knowledge base and abilities to include product regulations. 


Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  • List some of the most important global product regulations. 
  • Determine how those regulations affect various product types and production time.
  • Explain the rationale and process for performing a product stewardship audit.  
  • Identify how the results of a product stewardship audit can support business initiatives and goals and avoid non-compliance. ​


Ms. Maryann Sanders is a Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist at Haley & Aldrich with more than 20 years of product regulatory experience working with industry, trade associations, and regulatory agencies both in the U.S. and abroad. Her expertise includes human health toxicology, industrial hygiene, microbiology and regulatory affairs. She has audited against a variety of Product Stewardship regulations such as U.S. EPA (TSCA, and FIFRA), FDA and SEC rules and regulations, California Proposition 65, various European (EU) and Pan-Asian regulations such as the Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals Regulation (REACH), the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, and Korea REACH, and the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for Classification and Labelling. Ms. Sanders has worked with numerous industries assisting clients in the development of appropriate processes for the manufacture, importation and usage of products. Her clients entrust her with the interpretation of data, as well as the development and implementation of business strategies. She has performed Product Stewardship audits not only to assess regulatory compliance, but to assess and integrate new businesses during a corporate merger/acquisition.  


​​Format- Webinar Recording
Run Time- 1 Hour
Credit- 1 Hour​

 Learning Level - Competent

A Competent learner can perform to basic standards; has a thorough understanding of the content area but limited practical/work experience in the application of the content/concepts​​