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Live webinar registration includes one phone and internet connection per registrant. Each registrant may have an unlimited number of individuals participate with them at their site. Limited access to the presentation archive is also included with registration.

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Webinar Recordings

Missed a webinar? Don't worry! Webinar recordings give you access to the same great presentations at your convenience.


Drowning in Data, Starving for Wisdom​

Free webinar sponsored by Sphera

This webinar compares the availability and use of toxicity and ecotoxicity data for the purpose of chemical classification to help the SDS author stay in line with their own industry characteristics and standard operating procedures, and remain compliant.


  • Francis Trudeau, Solutions Manager, Sphera
  • Mary Rudolph, Senior Manager – Global Content, Sphera

Doing Business in the EU in the Next 5 Years

Free webinar recording sponsored by Sphera 

This webinar explores generalities when placing products on the EU market, country specific vs EU regulatory requirements, the implications of EU membership changes, and more.


  • Kimberly Bull, Regulatory Analyst, Sphera
  • Francis Trudeau, Solutions Manager, Sphera

Free webinar recording sponsored by Sphera

This webinar explores different ways to create harmonized SDSs across multiple countries and ask questions on where a pragmatic view to SDS/Label creation might help make processes more efficient.


  • Carrie Decatur, Senior Regulatory Analyst, Sphera
  • Francis Trudeau, Solutions Manager, Sphera

The Confluence of HazCom and Product Stewardship – Communication Across the Value Chain​

Archived Recording | $59

The practice of HazCom is essentially the assessment, classification, and communication of the hazards of materials while that of Product Stewardship is the management of the impacts of materials on humans and the environment. This webinar will explore the confluence of HazCom and Product Stewardship and build the business case for aligning if not integrating these functions.​


  • Robert Skoglund, PhD, DABT, CIH, Director of Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Covestro
  • Angela Wutz, Assistant General Manager for Regulatory Services, Pace Analytical

This webinar helps the industrial hygiene and EH&S community get ahead of and overcome these complicated product-specific challenges, along with providing important safety practices and other important product stewardship factors.


  • ​Maryann Sanders, Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Haley & Aldrich

Archived Recording | $59

​This webinar provides best management practices that have been employed into a successful Product Stewardship program and what business aspects that have been employed.


  • ​Mitch Fonda, Global Compliance & Stewardship, Waters Corporation

​AIHA's Synergist Webinar Series

The Product Stewardship Society is pleased to partner with AIHA to bring you webinars relevant to product stewardship through their sponsored Synergist Webinar Series.

The N​ew TSCA and its Implications​
This webinar will identify the principal amendments; explain EPA's activities to date; discuss the strategic implications of these developments for companies who may have chemicals subject to review under TSCA; and compare the amended TSCA to the European Union's REACH regulation.​

This webinar focuses on solutions to common challenges in complying with local and global GHS regulations, including variations in label format, content, building blocks, and concentration limits.

​​​​Integrating Chemical Management with Chemical​ Approvals Workflow
This webinar shows an integrated approach to chemical approvals, bringing together environmental, health and safety review; regulatory, supply chain and product life-cycle management; and organizational structure, business processes and procedures.

Risk Assessment: It's Not the Hazard, It's the Risk
This webinar describes the various models that calculate the risks involve​​​d in the use of chemicals and their outcomes.​

This webinar outlines and discusses various issues in complying with GHS at home and in the global arena; ways to take the complexity out of complying with labeling requirements; and how to convert and translate existing product MSDSs for compliance.

Tips to Ensure Compliance with OSHA's Alignment with GHS Chemical Classification & Labeling
​​This webinar discusses the new requirements outlined in OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, and provide helpful tips for compliance as well as how to ensure your hazardous chemical inventory management is safe and the data accurate.​​​