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Assessing Environmental Hazards: Tips, Tools, and Guidance for Product Stewards

Saturday, September 29 | 9:15 AM – 9:45 AM

Learning Level: Novice | Topic: Global Regulations

Regulatory requirements include environmental hazard classification in various jurisdictions following the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Hazard classification is also required under US Department of Transportation regulations and environmental risk assessment is needed under the US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). This session will provide answers to questions posed by product stewards who are not experts in ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment, such as:
  • What are good sources of data and how can information be evaluated for reliability and relevance?
  • In lieu of testing, what types of predictive tools are available?
  • If testing is needed, what are the types of tests, how much do they cost and how long do they take?
  • How can intelligent testing strategies be employed to reduce testing?
  • What guidance is available for “difficult to test” substances and mixtures?

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand basic principles of ecotoxicity testing as applicable for hazard classification, SDS preparation and general product stewardship
  2. Know where to look for information on ecotoxicity, degradation, and bioaccumulation
  3. Understand the types of tests used for environmental classification and have an awareness of potential pitfalls
Jane Staveley, Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent
Elaine Freeman, Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent
Josie Nusz, MEM, Senior Scientist, Exponent