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Attracting Developing and Retaining a New Generation of Product Stewards

Friday, September 28 | 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Learning Level: Novice | Topic: Talent Management

The workforce is changing in what employees expect of employers in developing a career with meaning and a feeling of fulfillment. Employers find themselves struggling to find the right talent and decrease turnover. This is particularly challenging in the field of product stewardship with limited exposure in undergraduate and graduate programs. This reality requires extra creativity and attention from employers when searching and developing a team with strong soft and technical skills, critical in a successful product steward. During this session, attendees will participate in a thought-provoking discussion on ways to incorporate different methods to attract, develop, and retain product stewardship talent.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify ways to use internal and external resources to attract talent.
  2. Once talent is identified, discuss how to build a development plan to ensure a smooth transition into a new company and into the Product Stewardship role.
  3. Discuss a few simple, yet effective engagement practices to improve talent retention. 
Nicole Scatena, Global Product Stewardship Manager, Johnson & Johnson
Mitch Fonda, Global Trade and Stewardship Senior Manager, Waters