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Complex Risk and Customer Demand Management in Complex Supply Chains

Friday, September 28 | 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Learning Level: Experienced | Topic: Supply Chain/Value Chain

Today’s world of product stewardship is highly complex and is continually evolving. Not only are companies dealing with complex material chemical compliance data down very complex supply chains, but they are also faced with increasing number of supply chain human rights laws and directives, given the global nature of supply chains.  For even greater complexity, consumer product manufacturers are demanding more renewable or biodegradable materials. This engaging and informative session focuses on a real-world case of a specialty chemical manufacturer addressing material chemical compliance and meeting consumer electronics customer demand for more renewable or biodegradable material in its products, all the while avoiding hazardous chemicals and meeting material performance specifications.

Sarah Medearis, Partner, ERM
Robert Janssen, Partner, ERM