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From Hazard Assessment Through Product Stewardship to Sustainability

Friday, September 28 | 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Learning Level: Experienced | Topic: Risk Assessment

Product Stewardship is too often stuck in the world of single chemical hazard assessment based on a GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet. Product stewards need to focus more on product risk in the value chain and ultimately at the green consumer level, as consumers are the number one driver for greener products. For example, is 60 ppm formaldehyde in an organic pear worse or better than 10 ppm in shampoo? Sustainability then really is about managing enterprise level risk. Imagine being able to assess the risk/greenness of your products and inventory and wrapping it all up in a single set of reportable numbers.  Such a risk ratio will be welcomed in the C-suite– finally a tangible index!

Hans Plugge, Senior Toxicologist, Verisk 3E​