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Material Assessments: A Collaborative Approach to Compositional Information

​Friday, September 28 | 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Learning Level: Competent |Topic: Supply Chain/Value Chain

Global regulations and customer expectations for transparency in material formulations have grown significantly in the last decade. Intelligent material selection requires knowledge of these drivers, but also the chemical composition for current and future material selections for reviewing patient safety, maintaining regulatory compliance, and highlighting sustainable growth opportunities, while managing sensitive supply chain information.  The proposition of selecting and investing in appropriate material disclosure processes and systems has challenged all industries, making it critical for members throughout the supply chain to provide accurate, verifiable data while maintaining streamlined processes for data collection, validation, and assessment.  

Many variables can shape an organization’s ideal approach for gathering information to support global product compliance. Attendees will see an overview of a benchmarking study Johnson & Johnson commissioned of Arcadis to gauge various industries’ approaches to this challenge, and glimpse into Johnson & Johnson’s material collection methodology, supplier outreach strategies, and internal stakeholder collaborations.​

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand material data collection, disclosure requirements and the education/learning curve of all partners involved.
  2. Understand approaches to selecting material formulation; methodology, policy, process, and systems.
  3. Identify organizational drivers: association of business drivers with the approaches taken by various companies.​
Sean Minnich, PhD, Chemist, Product Stewardship, Johnson & Johnson
Nicole Scatena, Global Product Stewardship Manager, Johnson & Johnson
Parynaz Mehta, Director, Product Stewardship, Johnson & Johnson