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The Business Case for Product Stewardship: Case Studies from Industry

​Thursday, September 27 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Learning Level: Experienced | Topic: Management Systems

Product stewardship and a drive towards more sustainable products is not only good practice, but also provides companies with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In this session, several case studies that help illustrate how Product Stewardship Management Systems have enabled companies from diverse sectors to drive sustainability and reduce supply chain risk by keeping up with global regulatory changes and requirements will be shared. The case studies include examples covering:
  • Industry Declarable Substances Lists to facilitate supply chain compliance declarations (manufacturing)
  • Company Chemicals of Concern Lists to drive sustainability goals and enable substitution (consumer)
  • Anticipating future changes in regulatory requirements to reduce and manage risk of obsolescence (aerospace)
  • Tracking changes in hazard classification to maintain compliant product labels (consumer)
  • Industry tools to assess the impact of emerging regulations on the sector (automotive)

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how Product Stewardship Management Systems have been used to drive sustainability goals, enable compliance, and reduce supply chain risk.
  2. Develop ideas on how to apply some of the relevant concepts and approaches.
  3. Create a business case for product stewardship.
Sandra Meijer, Director, Product Stewardship, Yordas Group