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Guide for Groups

​​One of the biggest benefits of the Virtual Product Stewardship Conference is that it allows for groups to participate together. Register once and as many people as you’d like to invite may view the conference along with you! There are no fees for additional participants.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the Virtual Product Stewardship Conference a successful group event:
  1. A conference room appropriate for the size of your group
  2. An internet connection (wired recommended)
  3. Projector, screen and speakers so everyone can see and hear well
TASTY TIP: Order breakfast, lunch, or snacks for your group. Or, organize it as a brown bag event and encourage people to bring their lunch! Everyone is happier when there is food!

Before the Session

  • Discuss conceptions and assumptions; what level of experience do you have with the topic?
  • Document participants on your roster.

During the Breaks

Take the opportunity to discuss the sessions. You might find it useful to designate a discussion leader to help facilitate conversation.
PARTICIPATE LIVE: If you have questions, comments or feedback during the broadcasts, take advantage of the live online chat to talk with other Virtual Conference participants and submit questions to the speakers!​
  • Compare and contrast what you are learning with your current practices.
  • Ask how can you apply the new learning to your own work environment or practice.
  • Ask how the new learning explains your current practices?
  • Ask how the new learning fits with your notion of what a product steward does.
  • Share other resources available for this subject.
  • Ask if anyone is willing to offer a dissenting view.​