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Product Stewardship 2019 off​ers an experience like no other. It is the ONE CONFERENCE where you can discuss ALL of the challenges and opportunities related to your daily work activities.

Why You Need to Attend Pr​oduct Stewardship 2019

Product Stewardship 2019 will offer a wide variety of education options – in the range of topics, difficulty level, and learning format. Whether you’re new to product stewardship or a seasoned professional, you’ll find practical content and solutions to the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.

You’re also going to make great new contacts. Nowhere else will you meet and hear from professionals from such a wide variety of product uses and throughout the value chain. More than a dozen industry sectors are represented, as well as law firms, consultants, and product vendors.​


 Why Columbus?


One visit to Columbus is all you need to see how it earned its nickname as the Biggest Small Town in America. Considered by its residents to have "lifestyle pockets" as opposed to neighborhood ethnic communities, Columbus continues to rise as a hip and modern city.

Home to more fashion designers than any other U.S. metropolis outside of Los Angeles and New York City, Columbus also boasts a farm-to-fashion ecosystem that feeds off fresh talent in the industry. But Columbus isn't just known for being a trendsetter in the fashion world. It's also known among Millenials as a great destination for food.

There are dozens of craft beer pubs and local breweries located within the city limits. Distilleries also make a presence, with several local facilities being the producers of choice at area cocktail bars. Restaurants aren't left behind, either - easy access to the best local ingredients give chefs multiple options for creativity and style, providing local menus with a bevy of culinary tastes for even the most demanding palates.

Every city has an arts scene, and Columbus is no different. With a variety of independent artists, professional troupes, and artists-in-residence, Columbus is considered one of the "30 Most Fun Places to Live in the U.S." by U.S. News & World Report.

Oh, and did we mention that Columbus is also home to the powerhouse The Ohio State University? The campus alone is worth a visit, even if it's not your alma mater.

Consider extending your stay through the weekend after the Product Stewardship Conference is over; there's a lot for Columbus to offer you​.

Here’s what some of our 2018 a​ttendees had to say...

“This conference is a great opportunity to learn on industry best practices, regulation updates, or courses to deeper enhance skills.”

– Kristie Murray, Dow Chemical, Midland, MI

“It was a great opportun​ity to network and benchmark with other product stewards from various industries and to learn from each other's real-world experiences.”

​ Mark Erickson, Appvion, Inc., Appleton, WI

“This conference is a great opportunit​y for product stewards to gather sharing ideas and unique challenges. This not only reinforces the importance of product stewardship but provides wonderful opportunities to connect and grow as a field.”

​ Kerrie Canavan, E​RM, New York, NY

“This is the only Product Stewardship​ conference in the world entirely dedicated to Product Stewardship run by industry for industry.”

​ Julian Hunter, International Paint, Ltd, United Kingdom

“The diverse demographic of the participants, energy, interest and participation/interaction was remarkable.”​

​ Paul Harper, Ramboll, Phoenix, AZ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​