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A la Carte Offerings

​​Apply your partner p​​ackage credit or purchase items outright for event-wide brand exposure!

For more details and to secure partnership please contact Laura Cilano Garcia, Program Director, Strategic Partnerships at 1-703-846-0748 or via email​.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Branded Charging Station$2,500SOLD OUT
Branded Electronics Cleaning Spray with Microfiber Cloth$1,500Available
Branded Hotel Key Cards$3,500Available
Branded Lanyards$3,000SOLD OUT
Branded Pens$2,500SOLD OUT
Column Wrap$5,000Available
Conference Journal$5,000Available
eBook Exclusive$5,000Available
eBook Spotlight (4 max.)$1,500 eachAvailable
Floor Sticker 3'x3'$500Available
Floor Sticker 4'x4'$750Available
Headshot Cafe$5,000 per dayAvailable
Hosted Lunch Table - 10 seats$1,000SOLD OUT
Mobile App - Exclusive - Includes Splash Page, Banner Ad and Push Notification$4,000SOLD OUT
Networking Breaks (6 available)$5,000 eachAvailable
Networking Lunches (2 available)$25,000 eachAvailable
Opening Networking Reception$25,000Available
Registration Area Banner$2,500Available
RISE & SHINE Breakfast Sessions (1 available)$15,000 eachAvailable
Sponsored Blog Post$1,500Available
Sponsored Email Blast$2,500SOLD OUT
Virtual Program$5,000Available
Web Banner on Event Site - per month$1,500Available
Wi-Fi with Branded Password$12,000Available