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Product Stewardship 2017

​Tom Slawik, Arcadis; Portland, OR

“It's an incredible experience and I definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to get encouraged about Product Stewardship and bring their skillset and knowledge to the next level.”

Bert Heirman, Johnson & Johnson; Belgium

“Stewardship 2016 was a great experience! We could connect with US-based PS professionals in other mature/leading businesses that we would never meet in Europe.”

​Weldon Williams, HAVI; Downers Grove, IL

“Stewardship 2016 exceeded my expectations. The sessions were relevant and informative, providing business insights and processes that we will leverage to protect our brand and our customers' brands.”

​Steve Kerr, Valspar; Minneapolis, MN

“I really liked the mix of topics/sessions (technical, regulatory, management, etc.)... I will plan on being at Stewardship 2017.”

​Registration Now Open!


 Registration Now Open! 

The Product Stewardship conference, now considered a “must attend” event for product stewardship professionals, offers an experience like no other by bringing together professionals from over a dozen different industry sectors and throughout the value chain.