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Closing Session - Crisis Never Takes a Day Off in the Digital Era

Practical perspective for product stewardship professionals to safeguard against the unexpected and come out ahead​
David Henderson -- Emmy Award winning CBS Network News correspondent and investigative journalist, crisis communications strategist, and author -- will share his perspectives, experiences and valuable inside secrets that product stewards can use to help their organizations to effectively plan for and manage crisis situations. From international crisis events to self-inflicted disasters he has handled, Henderson will take us behind-the-scenes of what happens in a crisis - the good and the not-so-good - plus timely insight and examples into how easily today’s news media can be managed and guided by you when crisis hits.
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He will share lessons learned:

  • How to preserve and protect your organization’s most precious asset, its brand reputation, from a crisis of trust.
  • How investing in crisis preparedness and competent media training – that teaches the C-suite leaders and executive-level management - helps defuse any crisis in the making.
  • How to achieve desired outcomes when a crisis hits or gets close.
  • How to assure that “key-decision makers” and media spokesperson fulfill their rolls when a crisis occurs - plus who should not have a seat at the table.
  • How to develop valuable working relationships with essential journalists who can make or save your reputation in a crisis situation.
  • How to take control of the message and what appears in the media.
  • Why doing nothing in crisis preparedness is a risky decision and is gambling with your organization’s future.
  • How social media can be either your organization’s best friend or worst enemy.


David_Henderson_Headshot.jpgDavid Henderson is a seasoned advisor to CEOs and senior executives on enhancing the value of organizational reputation enhancement and executive leadership in today’s fiercely competitive digital world. He works with C-Suite leaders on influential dynamics of communications — what’s effective, what’s not — from the perspective of a professional journalist and communications strategist.

He has rare and substantive credentials — Emmy Award winning former CBS Network News correspondent, bureau chief in Asia, and investigative reporter; expert global consultant on achieving authentic reputation differentiation; veteran in the use of online technology for influential strategic communications; published author and lecturer. ​