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Establishing Fitness for Use in a Global Plastic Additives Business

Friday, November 3 | 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Learning Level: Experienced | Topic: Extended Producer Responsibility

Supplying plastic additives into the global marketplace requires global food clearances. Additionally, standards and practices that are capable of assuring the products are of a purity suitable for the intended use must be established. Global regulations supply the requirements for assessing the safety of non-intentionally added substances and for maximum levels of cross contamination which can be tolerated in shared facilities. An adequate quality management system is needed at the sites to identify risks to product quality and to learn from mistakes. Changes in raw materials or chemical process must be managed and design, siting and scheduling decisions must take fitness for use into account. The most efficient approach to meeting the requirements needs to involve many diverse groups within the organization from business management to design to operations. During this session,  lessons learned from implementing our program will be shared.

Learning Objectives

  1. Obtain awareness of regulatory landscape and risk assessment approach.
  2. Understand the quality system approach.
  3. Appreciate the need to enlist support from and build awareness within the organization.
David Horst, Senior Product Stewards, BASF
Anne Christian, Quality Manager, BASF
Tobias Eltze, Product Steward, BASF