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Executive Leadership Workshops

Saturday, November 4

Product Stewardship 2017 features two new Executive Leadership Workshops, taking place after the conference comes to a close. Led by some of the most experienced leaders in the profession, Executive Leadership Workshops are designed for business executives leading a company’s product stewardship organization as well as experienced product stewards. While networking with other experienced professionals, you’ll come away with strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your product stewardship program.

Crisis Preparedness: Anonymous Online Attacks and Other Threats

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM | $195

Understanding how to deal with a crisis in today's world is a cold shower of reality. Crises arrive without warning and when least expected. The reality is that damage caused by an unattended crisis is often far more substantial and lasting than an advance investment in crisis preparedness. This workshop will provide you with a toolkit to quickly identify a crisis, develop situation-specific "Situation-Objectives-Strategy" or "S-O-S" plans, and manage the media through clear, credible, and impactful messages. 

Performance Improvement Tools for Product Stewardship

1:30 PM - 5:30 PM | $295

Imminent regulatory deadlines are often plagued by the same old issues – bad data, missing vendor information, no product information, etc. This workshop will show you how to seamlessly integrate your product stewardship group into the larger organization and tackles defining and solving forever those old repeating issues. Additionally, it will offer you tools to meet your deadlines for those big initiatives with less effort and confusion. LEARN MORE​