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Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to a wider discussion and blog across the Product Stewardship Society! Following my attendance in Tampa, I have an idea that I think expands upon the “Performance Improvement Tools for Product Stewardship” Executive Leadership Workshop.
I come from financial services and working now with regulatory technology solutions. Tools available in the Product Regulation and Product Safety space are evolving and it was clear to me having networked in Tampa that there is a lack of awareness that these firstly exist, and secondly how they can help. I mention Financial Services as I recently reviewed a white paper from Deloitte where parallels are being drawn from the Fintech space into the Regulation space and how benefits seen in across financial services are now evolving into the regulation space.
My blog post suggestion can also encompass an “Ask the Expert” type offering, to help answer questions to those on the blog around what is happening around specific regulation changes or drafts etc (I have access to resource that can support this) and also provide Webinars around topical issues that the members of the blog can decide on (I have approval from my company to provide this free offering – e.g. once a month).
This will make for an engaging blog, offering something to the wider community and also be seen as a value add service given the resource we can bring to the table.
Hope this is of interest.

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