April 4, 2019 / Michael Sullivan

A Critical Evaluation Tool in the Product Life Cycle

“Imperative.” That’s how Patrick Sheehan, Principal Scientist at Exponent, described the need for product risk assessments in today’s marketplace. Dr. Sheehan, Michael Posson, and Ankur Singhal are leading Product Risk Assessment: Informing Stewardship Decisions on April 17 to discuss the value of this critical evaluation in product stewardship, how to conduct a product risk assessment, and the methods for gathering exposure data and risk criteria. This one-hour webinar will provide a foundation in product risk assessment for product stewards who are new to assessments or have introductory exposure to the practice.

In today’s fast-paced news cycle “information on adverse effects gets out into the media rapidly and affects a company’s brand quickly,” according to Dr. Sheehan. Product risk assessments prevent negative attention, costly recalls, and investigations--all of which hit a company’s bottom line.

While risk assessments provide long-term cost savings, they’ve also become an integral part of many companies. “Product stewards are now part of the culture at so many companies,” Mr. Singhal explained and risk assessments are an increasingly important tool in evaluating the product life cycle. One of the benefits of risk assessments is their strong track record in other fields, like occupational and environmental health.

As part of the webinar, they will share real-world experience to illustrate the principles of risk assessments in a product stewardship context. As contributing authors to the Product Stewardship Society’s book Professional Practices of Product Stewardship, they can speak directly to how risk assessments integrate into product stewardship.

Learn more about the webinar and register here.

Michael Sullivan


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