January 22, 2019 / Michael Sullivan

Environmental Hazard Tips for Product Stewards

Hazard assessment is one point in risk assessment that Jane Staveley of Senior Managing Scientist at Exponent delved into at Product Stewardship 2018 in her talk Assessing Environmental Hazards: Tips, Tools, and Guidance for Product Stewards. Her background in environmental toxicology made her an excellent choice to help product stewards understand how to navigate hazard assessment.

Like so many other aspects of product stewardship, hazard assessment is driven by data: both collection through data and maintenance of standards to measure that data against. Staveley provided attendees a suite of resources to use when considering various properties of materials including regulatory bodies, databases, and literature.

Staveley went over examples of how Exponent performs their testing, including how they formulate guidelines and examples of data that they generate. She stressed the importance of gathering reliable and relevant data. Staveley provided suggestions to avoid common pitfalls of testing, like how the right testing method needs to be selected to produce the most accurate data for a given scenario.

Michael Sullivan


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