Product Stewardship Society and American Board of Industrial Hygiene Announce New Product Stewardship Credential

More and more, employers are looking to credentials to determine whether an individual has the knowledge and skills needed to successfully perform their specific job role. At the same time, professionals are looking to credentials to prove their competency and show they are up to date in their field (not to mention differentiate themselves in the job market).

As President of the Product Stewardship Society and a member of the professional community, I believe this credential is game-changing. Product stewards will have a discernible metric against which to assess their professional competence and expertise in this fast-growing area. This credential will be THE credential to acquire to demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your craft.
Kate Sellers, Product Stewardship Society President.

With the product stewardship profession growing and quickly evolving, both in importance and visibility, the need for a product stewardship credential is evident.

Responding to that need, the Product Stewardship Society and the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) are pleased to announce the joint development of a new product stewardship credential. This first of its kind credential will provide talented product stewardship professionals with an opportunity to set themselves apart in this growing field and more coherently advance their careers by achieving a measurable asset.

The new credential will also establish a common framework to define the profession of product stewardship and provide product stewards with the opportunity to demonstrate their professional competence.

Volunteers are needed

In order to develop this new credential, we are issuing a call for volunteers to build this important benchmark in the product stewardship profession. Volunteers should have at least five years of experience as a product steward and the ability to participate in one to four face-to-face meetings over the course of the next year. Interested parties can learn more and apply online here.​


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