Recently Added Stewardship On Demand Sessions

Presentations from Product Stewardship 2018 have recently been added to the Stewardship On Demand learning library, which now features over 130 different sessions. The following​ new sessions were added this month:

Keynote Sessions

  • The Journey from Safety to Sustainability to Stewardship
  • Drivers of Product Stewardship: The Role of Regulations, Private Governance, and Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Banned/Restricted Substances

  • Approaching REACH SVHC Authorization: A Johnson & Johnson Perspective
  • California's Proposition 65: The Wide-Ranging Applications of Chemical Analysis

Global Regulations

  • Amended TSCA Impacts on OSHA: Product Stewardship Implications
  • Assessing Environmental Hazards: Tips, Tools, and Guidance for Product Stewards
  • Building an Anticipatory and Emerging Issues Management for Product Stewards Around the Globe
  • Characterizing UVCB Substances: Unique Challenges for Product Stewardship and Compliance
  • Endocrine Disruptor Testing Upgrades from EU: Stewardship and Substitution Implications
  • Global Best Practices to Ensure Compliance for Business Continuity
  • Living with Inconsistencies in Classification of Chemical Hazards
  • REACH 2018 and Beyond - What You Need to Know
  • The Impact of the European Poison Centers on Global Organizations​

Hazard Communication

  • Dealing with Data Gaps: Emerging Tools in Predictive Toxicology
  • Food Contact Requirements in Asia and Latin America
  • Integrating Regulatory Compliance with Tort Law in Authoring and Managing Labeling and SDS
  • The GHS-SDS Life Cycle for Authoring Professionals: Where Hazard Classification Begins

Program Management

  • Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions
  • Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands
  • Guiding Principles of Chemical Stewardship for Oilfield Services Companies
  • Product Stewardship Program Continuous Improvement: Application of Lean Principles
  • Rise & Shine Roundtable with Sphera: Elevating your Product Stewardship Program with Integrated Risk Management​
  • The Big Reveal: Preparing for Increased Ingredient Transparency
  • The Business Case for Product Stewardship: Case Studies from Industry
  • Transparency, Innovation, Optimization: The Building Blocks of Sustainable Product Stewardship

Risk Assessment

  • Addressing Chemical Exposure from Your Compliant Consumer Products - Lessons Learned
  • From Hazard Assessment Through Product Stewardship to Sustainability
  • Product Exposure Modeling Workshop: What's in the ToolBox?
  • Product Stewardship: A Partnership in Safety and Business Development
  • Roles of Exposure Assessments and Limits in Risk Analysis
  • How can LCA and HPD Tools be Utilized as a Roadmap for Product and Process Improvements

Supply Chain/Value Chain

  • Complex Risk and Customer Demand Management in Complex Supply Chains
  • Material Assessments: A Collaborative Approach to Compositional Information

Talent Management

  • Attracting, Developing and Retaining a New Generation of Product Stewards
  • Oh, the Places We Have Been

Partner Showcases

  • Partner Showcase: ERM - Plastics in the Environment - ERM's Point of View
  • Partner Showcase: Gensuite - Managing Product Stewardship & Responsible Sourcing Through Change
  • Partner Showcase: Sphera - Mythbusters: Breaking Down the Common Product Compliance Automation Myths​

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