In July 2021, the Product Stewardship Society Board of Directors approved our new strategic plan for 2022–2026. Some elements of the previous strategic plan are still very much relevant and carry forward, while other elements have been revised and strengthened. New elements have also been added to reflect the ever-changing role of product stewardship and the growing needs of product stewards.

The mission statement, which conveys the Society’s reason for being, has been updated to strengthen our purpose. The vision statement communicates the Society’s aspirations and is meant to convey a future-perfect state of being. The vision statement has been enhanced as well.

Mission: The Product Stewardship Society empowers professionals to achieve responsible design, development, and management of products throughout their life cycle.

Vision: A world of safe, trusted, and sustainable products.

Strategic Domains

Community: Foster the community for those active or interested in product stewardship.

Professional Development: Provide programming and resources that advance practitioners in the field of product stewardship

Promotion: Increase the awareness, visibility, essential nature, and recognized value of the profession to stakeholders.

Thought Leadership: Shape the future of product stewardship by anticipating, challenging, and advancing the practice.