Core Benefits


The biggest sales point I always had is that there is no other venue to join or attend where one can meet with other product stewards across the entire value chain…. Sure most of them belong to an industry association but in that case they are only talking to themselves versus solving issues in collaboration with their suppliers and customers and end producers. The second biggest purpose is this is a place where newly assigned PS contacts can come and learn how to do their job.

Allan K. Fleeger, CIH, CSP, FAIHA
Front view of diverse business people walking with 3 S5 DQ2 E

Team Membership

An efficient and cost-effective way to provide your entire team with the best product stewardship resources available.

Membership Terms

Product Stewardship Society memberships are based on a calendar year. Payment for membership renewal is due January 1.

Members whose dues are not paid by the due date are considered past due and some member services may be suspended. Membership privileges will reactivate after full payment is received.

Membership in the Product Stewardship Society is nonrefundable and is not transferable.