Our online courses explore specific product stewardship topics in-depth with interactive and informative content and are perfect for product stewardship professionals who want to immerse themselves in a topic area of study. Courses are self-paced so you can pause and return when convenient for you.

CPPS Exam Prep Course

Earning the Certified Professional Product Steward (CPPS) credential demonstrates your knowledge and expertise essential to the best practice of product stewardship and is a huge step in advancing your career.

The online CPPS Exam Prep Course prepares you for the Certified Professional Product Steward certification exam by focusing your studies on the key areas of all four domains from the CPPS exam blueprint.

Introduction to Product Stewardship

This self-paced interactive course provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of product stewardship including product compliance, risk management, sustainability, and toxicology. Perfect for those new to product stewardship or with less than 5 years of experience, each lesson is led by industry experts within their respective areas, including several Certified Professional Product Stewards®.

Assessing Product Hazards & Risks

Product hazard assessments are critical in today's marketplace. Product stewards must routinely address the concerns of stakeholders as well as the process of assessing hazards, exposures, and risks.

This course provides an introduction to hazard assessment for chemical and non-chemical hazards and connects the approaches to the tools and methods presented in Professional Practices of Product Stewardship. This course also explores the distinction between hazard and risk and explains different types of risks (including health, safety, and environmental risks, regulatory compliance risks, and brand reputation risks). The course also focuses on how product ingredients and use determine the corresponding exposures for workers and consumers.