Volunteering is a great way to network with other product stewards and build leadership skills while furthering our mission to enable professionals to promote responsible design, development, and management of products throughout their life cycle.

We encourage you to deepen your engagement with the Product Stewardship Society and your peers. Volunteer today!

Call for Board Nominations

The Product Stewardship Society is seeking product stewardship professionals to serve in the following leadership positions:

  • President-Elect
  • At-Large Directors (2)

Some of the benefits of serving include:

  • Playing a significant role in advancing the product stewardship profession.
  • An opportunity to enhance the value of the Product Stewardship Society.
  • Developing, strengthening, and expanding your leadership skills.
  • Building your professional network and exchanging ideas with other industry leaders.

The Society has identified a number of leadership competencies that will be part of the selection process for new Board members.

Nominations are being accepted until April 15, 2020.

Short-Term Commitments

If you want to contribute to the Product Stewardship Society before making a longer-term commitment to a volunteer leadership group, you can start by volunteering for individual projects. Individual project opportunities will be posted on the website throughout the year. You can also consider one of the following opportunities:

Volunteer Leadership

If you want to participate at the next level, consider joining one of the Product Stewardship Society’s volunteer leadership groups.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets and oversees the strategic direction of the Product Stewardship Society. Directors and Officers of the Board must be a member in good standing of the Product Stewardship Society.

Conference Program Committee

The Conference Program Committee is responsible for reviewing and selecting the education content for the Product Stewardship Society’s flagship event, the Product Stewardship Conference. Members of the Conference Program Committee serve a three year term and must have attended at least one Product Stewardship Conference (multi-year attendance is preferred).

Credential Development Team

The Credential Development Team​ supports the development of a product stewardship credential that will be a focal point for continuing education content, career development, and enhanced recognition of product stewardship as a valued profession.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is focused on building the Product Stewardship Society’s educational offerings, including webinars and courses. The committee also works in conjunction with the Credential Development Team and the Conference Program Committee. Members of the Education Committee must be a member in good standing of the Product Stewardship Society.

Membership Engagement Committee

The Membership Engagement Committee focuses on increasing member engagement through volunteer opportunities and initiatives that enrich their experience. Members of the Membership Engagement Committee must be a member in good standing of the Product Stewardship Society.