Product Stewardship is an evolving and expanding area of concern and opportunity for companies and society. There is an ever-increasing number of individuals with “Product Stewardship” in their title and responsibilities within the organizations they support. However, there has not been a concise reference of professional practices for this highly important responsibility in maintaining an organization’s “license to operate” with the public.

This publication provides deep insight into the core areas of product stewardship, including the fundamentals of product stewardship, product risk management, product life cycle management, management of product compliance and liability, and product stewardship strategy and program management and offers guidance and support to both those new to product stewardship and those who have been involved for many years.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Fundamentals of Product Stewardship
Chapter 1: History of Product Stewardship and Current Realities
Chapter 2: Product Stewardship Framework

Section 2: Product Risk Management
Chapter 3: Product Risk Management Overview
Chapter 4: Product Hazard Assessment
Chapter 5: Product Exposure Assessment
Chapter 6: Product Risk Characterization
Chapter 7: Product Risk Mitigation
Chapter 8: Product Risk Communication

Section 3: Product Life Cycle Management
Chapter 9: Product Development Cycle
Chapter 10: Product Design Principles
Chapter 11: Life Cycle Assessment

Section 4: Management of Product Compliance and Liability
Chapter 12: Major Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks
Chapter 13: Maintaining Awareness of and Responding to Requirements
Chapter 14: Products Liability and Toxics Litigation for Product Stewards

Section 5: Product Stewardship Strategy and Program Management
Chapter 15: Product Stewardship Policy and Leadership
Chapter 16: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Product Stewardship Program
Chapter 17: Measuring Product Stewardship Performance and Results
Chapter 18: Stakeholder Engagement
Chapter 19: Future Directions in Product Stewardship Practice

Ways to Advance Product Stewardship
Risk Assessment Case Studies