Organizations excel when employees have access to tools and resources that enable them to meet their challenges head-on. A Team membership, available to corporations, non-profits, and academic institutions, is a simplified cost-effective way to provide your entire team with the best product stewardship resources available.

Support your organization by providing your product stewardship team with Premium-level benefits, including:

Your organization enjoys significant savings, while everyone on your team receives the same benefits as an individual premium member, including the ability to personalize their membership based on their needs.

Team membership categories are based on the size of your team. For more details, select the category that best fits you:

Small Teams (1-9 individuals)

Your team may be small, but your organization and its customers have big needs. Maximize your small team's efficiency by providing them with access to a full suite of resources and connecting them to a community of experts.

1-2 individuals$195
3-5 individuals$395
6-9 individuals$595
Medium Teams (10-49 individuals)

Your team is large enough to have enterprise level talent management and development needs, but small enough that you still need to develop solutions to accelerate performance across your organization. Boost the performance of your team with access to practical resources and professional development opportunities.

10-19 individuals$995
20-29 individuals$1,595
30-39 individuals$2,295
40-49 individuals$2,995
Large Teams (50+ individuals)

Large organizations face big business challenges, including building and retaining a highly knowledgeable and skilled team. Our large team membership gives you a cost-effective way to provide all of your product stewards with access to the best resources available to maximize their performance and meet your corporate goals.

50-74 individuals$3,995
75-99 individuals$4,995
100+ individuals$6,995

Membership terms are on a calendar year cycle, running January 1 through December 31.

If your organization already has employees with a Society membership, please contact us for an adjusted invoice.

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