February 13, 2017

4 Things to Know About Presenting at Product Stewardship 2017

Earlier this month, the Product Stewardship Society opened the Request for Speaker Proposals for Product Stewardship 2017. Each year we continue to be impressed with the submissions we receive and we’re looking forward to seeing what proposals are submitted this year. If you have been thinking about submitting, here are four things you should consider when you’re developing your proposal.

First, if you’re not already aware, the Product Stewardship Conference is moving to the Fall and is no longer co-located with AIHce. The conference has been growing year after year and moving the conference to its own timeslot allows us to expand information sharing, collaboration, and networking opportunities and plan for continued growth. Product Stewardship 2017 will be held in Tampa, Florida on November 2-4, 2017.

Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just Right

Have you ever sat through a session that was too basic? Or maybe a session that covered concepts you weren’t familiar with? To help attendees determine which sessions are appropriate for what they need to learn, we’ve introduced learning levels (novice, competent, experienced, and expert). Think about who would benefit most from your session and craft your submission accordingly. A detailed description of each learning level is located on the conference website.

That’s Great Info, But…

Attendees are looking for practical, how-to knowledge that they can take back to their workplace and apply. Make sure you give more than the 50,000ft. view. Share things you’ve seen and done, lessons you learned, problems you’ve solved, etc. The learning objectives section of the submission form is the place to detail exactly what the audience will walk away from your presentation with.

Add Another Perspective

Depending on your topic, having additional views, opinions, or expertise could enhance your presentation. Consider partnering with a colleague from your team, another department, or someone from your professional network, who could add their knowledge. If you’re a consultant, consider partnering with a client so they can share their perspective.

It’s a Two Way Street

One thing I’ve learned about the professionals who attend the Product Stewardship Conference is they are a very engaged group. They ask questions and they’re more than willing to share their own experiences and ideas from the floor. Presentations that embrace audience participation and foster discussion have been some of the most successful we’ve seen. Consider ways you can engage the audience and highlight that in your proposal.

Proposals are due by midnight ET, Monday, February 27. This is your opportunity to share your expertise with others in your professional community while building your reputation and advancing your career.


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