Coming Soon to On Demand: PSX 2021

Stewardship On Demand, the premier resource for product stewardship learning, will soon be expanded. Over 30 new sessions from PSX 2021 are set to be released in early 2022. Here's what's coming to Stewardship On Demand:

Keynote Sessions

  • Opening General Session: Michal Freedhoff, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Closing General Session: Lauren Zeise, Director, California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

Emerging Trends & Issues

  • Emerging Trends for Product Safety and Regulatory Professionals
  • Harnessing AI and Machine Learning to Future-Proof Chemical Management & Product Stewardship Programs
  • Hot Topics in Emerging Risk
  • The EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and Design Concepts for Nanomaterials
  • Will Chemical Testing Affect EPA Review Outcomes?

Extended Producer Responsibility Requirements

  • Quality Data: Fuel for the Circular Economy
  • The Current State of Take-Back Requirements in Brazil

Global Regulatory Issues & Articles Regulations

  • Compliance and China's MEE Order No. 12
  • Fluorinated Chemicals and Challenges to Product Stewardship
  • Implications of UK REACH on US-Based Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Lessons Learned from One Year of SCIP Submissions
  • Polymers under REACH: A Possible Exclusion for Polymers of Low Concern
  • Preparing for the European Commission's Chemical Strategy for Sustainability
  • Registering Products with Residual Antimicrobial Efficacy
  • Understanding EPA's Significant New Use Rule for LCPFACs

Hazard Communication

  • Communicating Science to Non-Scientists: Lessons Learned from a Health Risk Communicator
  • South Korea's Updated GHS Standard and Implications for Companies

Program Management & Management Systems

  • Benchmarking in Product Stewardship
  • Efficiently Structuring a Global Product Stewardship Organization
  • Getting What You Want: How to Persuasively Request Product Stewardship Resources
  • Managing Compliance for Private Label Brands
  • Moving from Analysis Paralysis to Action in Product Stewardship
  • Product Stewards' Role in Developing New Antimicrobial Products
  • Redefining Product Stewardship in the Age of Transparency
  • Successful Product Stewardship Project Execution in Business Environments

Risk Assessments

  • Building a Screening-Level Safety Assessment Toolbox
  • Quickly Resolving Compliance Issues for Large Product Lines
  • Scientific Considerations for Communicating Risks Associated with Talc
  • Using Ecolabels and Benchmarking Life Cycle Assessments to Communicate Product Information
  • Using Ecolabels to Communicate Life Cycle Assessment Results

Stewardship On Demand features over 200 practical and informative education sessions covering all aspects of product stewardship. Captured at previous PSX conferences, sessions are led by experts in product stewardship. Premium and Team members receive exclusive access to the complete On Demand learning library.

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