March 28, 2017

In Case You Missed It – News and Notes

Hello Product Stewards –

Here are some recent stories in the news we thought you’d find interesting, including a major announcement by ECHA, an overview of OSHA’s HNOC classification, a story on producer responsibility programs in Oregon.

ECHA Makes Chemical Data Available to Download

Much, but not all, of the data collected under REACH is now available for anyone to download. The European regulatory agency ECHA announced in a press release last week that information on approximately 15,000 chemical substances is being made available to researchers, regulatory authorities and businesses.

Read the full release here:

Understanding ‘Hazard Not Otherwise Classified’


When OSHA revised the Hazard Communication Standard, it created a category to cover all categories not otherwise listed. This piece from Safety + Health Magazine has a general overview of what that means and how to determine whether your substance qualifies.

Programs enlist manufacturers to help handle hazardous garbage

A bill in the Oregon Legislature would expand the state’s manufacturer responsibility program for collecting, recycling or disposing of household hazardous waste. This Metro article summarizes the state’s current efforts with paint removal and what it hopes for next. It’s worth the read, as product stewards can probably expect this from other states.

Here’s the story:

Here’s the bill being considered:

The Latest Recall

Finally, as an ongoing reminder that product stewardship has a critical business function, we present to you The Latest Recall, a look at the product recall most recently listed on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website when we go to press.

Product: Gas Station Hose Swivel Connectors

Company: OPW of Hamilton, Ohio,

No. of products affected: Around 824,000

Hazard: The swivel connectors can separate from the hose or nozzle of the gas station pump and cause fuel spillage, posing fire and explosion hazards.


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