September 1, 2020 / Abby Roberts

Interacting with Sponsors at PSX 2020

At past PSX conferences held in person, attendees have rated networking opportunities very highly on their ranking of priorities for the conference—even higher than educational opportunities. Due to the switch to a virtual format, some potential registrants and attendees may be concerned that this year’s PSX will not offer the same networking opportunities as previously.

However, the Product Stewardship Society is taking steps to allow PSX 2020 attendees chances to interact with sponsors and each other. These include the Lunch and Learn session, the Partner Showcase, and the Exchange.

Lunch and Learn with Yordas Group:

On September 15, Yordas Group will host a 60-minute virtual Lunch and Learn session on preparing for the European Chemical Agency’s coming SCIP database for substances designated by REACH as very high concern—specifically, who needs to prepare, what the requirements are, and how to create a SCIP-compatible database. Interested attendees will be able to enjoy additional PSX content during their lunch hour by taking part in the event.

Yordas Group is a UK-based provider of scientific and technical services, regulatory advice, and training for professionals working in chemicals management and risk assessment. They offer assessments and advice on adopting SCIP for every organization. SCIP will take effect on January 5, 2021.

Partner Showcase with Gensuite:

On September 16, Gensuite will host a partner showcase—a 20 to 30-minute presentation on the company’s latest solutions to attendee’s everyday challenges—about digital solutions for sustainability and supply chains. Founded in 1997, Gensuite develops software applications for functions including EHS and sustainability, quality assurance, workplace security, responsible sourcing, product stewardship, and asset and equipment management.

During both the Lunch and Learn session and Partner Showcase, attendees will be able to ask presenters questions through the chatroom on the virtual platform. As the conference approaches, additional partner events will be added to the schedule as well.

The Exchange:

The Exchange is PSX’s virtual exhibition hall, where attendees can visit sponsors’ virtual booths during non-compete hours and breaks between educational sessions. If an attendee stops by a virtual booth to find that no sponsor representative is present, he or she can leave a business card for a representative to get back from the attendee. The Exchange allows for close personal interaction between attendees and sponsor partners: attendees will be able to chat with exhibitors, schedule live one-on-one meetings, and view products, special offers, announcements, press releases, and posted videos.

PSX PowerPlay

PSX PowerPlay is a game where PSX attendees will collect badges when they visit different virtual settings in the conference, such as the lobby, partner booths, the lunch and learn session, the partner showcase, and the networking lounge. The game is intended to encourage attendees to take full advantage of all PSX features.

Three winners will be announced on September 17. The grand prize is a full conference registration to PSX 2021 and the two runner-up prizes are a Professional Practices of Product Stewardship book and a 2021 Product Stewardship Society premium membership.

At PSX 2021, attendees can trust that their networking efforts will be enabled and supported. Learn more about sponsors at the PSX sponsor webpage and view the still-developing schedule as well.

Abby Roberts

Abby Roberts is AIHA's assistant editor


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