Meet PSX Keynote Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau is a deep ocean explorer, environmentally-conscious business strategist, and the grandson of the legendary explorer, Jacques Cousteau. He also is the opening keynote speaker for PSX 2022, which will take place October 18-20, in Louisville, Kentucky.

We had the privilege of talking with Mr. Cousteau about his presentation at PSX 2022 and what he hopes the audience will get from it.

What are some of the main points that your presentation will cover?

My keynote presentation at PSX 2022, What's Good for the Environment is Good for Business, will go over the history of ocean exploration and discovery, the beauty that the under-discovered natural world still holds, and our overlooked relationship with our ocean planet. My presentation will also touch on the future that we face and the one that we hope to give to our children by adopting and implementing the three laws of long-term survival and prosperity in nature.

What do you hope the audience walks away with?

What I want the audience to walk away with is that each of them is the key to change. No singular entity will bail the human species out of its predicament. People are capable of extreme positive change when circumstances dictate. Right now we are at that point and our species has the solutions.

Why do you think that good environmental policies can be good for businesses?

Economic language is the common (flawed) means by which the human species interact. Nature is based on a natural resource bank account. It stands to reason that, in order for people to understand the true value of our life support system, we must communicate the intrinsic value of environmental conservation as well as the fundamental cost of our destructive actions toward our planet and its finite resources.

What role do you think product stewards will play, or can play, in this?

Every decision we make in our daily lives has a tangible effect on our future. Each of us as consumers is the ultimate vote taker toward the future we mold for ourselves and for our children. Passiveness is no longer an option for anyone if we are to imagine a regenerative healthy future.

Want to learn more about Fabien Cousteau and his work? Register today for PSX 2022 and join us in Louisville, October 18-20, 2022.


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