June 21, 2019

Product Stewardship Credential Development Advances with Job Task Analysis

​Last Fall, we announced the joint development of a product stewardship credential with the Board for Global EHS Credentialing (BGC), formerly known as the American board for Industrial Hygiene (ABIH). Development of the credential is now well underway and a major milestone has been reached.

Earlier this Spring, a group of product stewardship professionals were brought together to conduct a Job Task Analysis. Representing a variety of product areas, practice settings, geographic regions, education levels, and years of experience, the group identified the tasks, knowledge, and skills essential to performing the work of a product stewardship professional. These tasks, knowledge, and skills will form the basis for the credential.

Next Steps

In the coming week, members of the product stewardship community will be asked to participate in a Job Task Analysis validation survey. This step is necessary to ensure the credential examination reflects the knowledge necessary for competent practice as a product stewardship professional. It’s also consistent with ISO/ANSI 17024 and NCCA accreditation standards for developing credentialing examinations. Scantron/Castle Worldwide, Inc., a company that specializes in the development and validation of credentials, will be conducting the survey.

Opportunities to Volunteer

The development of the credential could not be possible without the volunteer efforts from our community. We are actively seeking additional volunteers to ensure that we have a diverse group of professionals represented in the development (If you’ve already signed up to volunteer, thank you! There’s no need to sign up again). Visit our Credential Development Team page for more information and to volunteer.


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