Product Stewardship Finds Champions at ExxonMobil

Business leaders want product stewards to share their expertise, but they have to be proactive. “I think product stewards know how they could be more helpful, but sometimes they may wait to be asked. I would recommend that they not wait. Instead, bring that to the attention of decision-makers,” says Elissa Sterry, global intermediates vice president at ExxonMobil Chemical Company.

It’s as simple as setting up a meeting to solicit feedback. When you do, ask the business leader what they would find useful and how you can best help them. It’s also important to find champions in your organization, leaders who will help create awareness of product stewardship among other leaders. “I think that one of the ways that product stewards here get traction is by identifying a champion who's a senior leader who helps facilitate that visibility,” says Sterry. “They open opportunities for the product stewards to meet with the senior leadership and generally pave the way.”

Sterry cites the creation of better regulations as one area where steward can help. “Product stewards have a lot of experience in trying to help business leaders like me maintain compliance,” she says. “Through that activity there's a great deal of insight into what makes good law and what makes not-so-good law.” Products stewards can potentially take some of the complexity out of regulations and find better solutions.

Sterry will talk more about product stewardship’s contribution to the company’s bottom line during her keynote address at Stewardship 2016.


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