PSX 2020 Sessions Now Available On Demand

Presentations from PSX 2020 have been added to the Stewardship On Demand learning library, which now features nearly 200 different sessions. The following sessions are now available:

Keynote Sessions

  • Black Swans and Product Stewardship
  • Getting Sustainability Right

Emerging Issues

  • Product Stewardship and the Circular Economy
  • Alternative Toxicology Methods: Current and Future Directions
  • A Data Scientist, an Environmentalist, and an AI Walk Into a Bar
  • Enabling World-Scale Advanced Circular Recycling of Plastics
  • On the Hunt for Emerging Chemicals of Concern
  • Reaching Net Zero in the Chemical Industry

Global Regulations

  • Restrictions: Another R in REACH
  • Regulations Impacts in the Clients' Business in Brazil
  • The EU Waste Framework Directive and SCIP Database
  • How to Effectively Navigate the TSCA New Chemical Notification Process
  • Expanding Regulatory Focus on Chemicals in Articles
  • Navigating SNURs
  • Opportunities and Pitfalls in Regulatory Approvals of Antimicrobial Products
  • Changes in Global Polymer Regulations
  • Emerging Trends in Chemicals Management 2020-21
  • Intelligent Product Design for Compliance and Sustainability

Program Management

  • Roadmapping My Regulatory Modernization
  • In Pursuit of Product Stewardship Excellence
  • Chemicals Management Program Continuous Improvement: Case Study and Lessons Learned

Risk Assessment

  • Strategies for Risk Prioritization of Large Product Lines
  • OEBs: A Practical Tool for Risk Assessment
  • Proactive and Reactive Paradigms in Risk Assessment
  • Prop 65: Strategies to Focus Testing and Exposure Assessments Across Product Portfolios
  • Responding to EPA Risk Evaluations
  • Hazard and Risk: The Cardno ChemRisk Strategy

Hazard Communication

  • Product Stewardship during Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Improving the Quality of the SDS and Classification
  • Answers to Commonly Asked SDS Questions
  • Evaluating New Chemicals and Disconnects in Hazard Communication
  • Predicting PBT: Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Properties

Other New Sessions

  • The Chemical Supply Chain and Emergency Response

Full details and descriptions for the new sessions can be found here.

Also, Premium members receive unlimited access to the complete On Demand learning library. If you're not a member, consider joining or renewing your membership to gain full access.

Adam Seery, CAE
Director at Product Stewardship Society.


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