Welcome to the Product Stewardship Society's New Online Classroom

We are thrilled to officially launch our new Online Classroom!

The new platform offers a much easier and more intuitive user experience than we’ve ever offered before. We’ll show you how to navigate the new platform and highlight some of the new features.

Accessing the Online Classroom

Starting from our website, learning.productstewards.org, proceed to the login screen and enter your Product Stewardship Society username and password. You will automatically be signed in because of the integration with our member and customer database. This integration has many benefits, which we will highlight.

Navigating the Online Classroom

On the homepage (above) you can easily view all of your content, or you can browse new content. 

By clicking, “Online Classroom” you will see all the content that you have purchased or selected, all the certificates you have earned, and all the courses or sessions you have started and the progress you have made in them.

What’s even cooler is it will take you to the exact place you left off. You can even take personal notes that are timestamped, so you can go back and know exactly where the important content is for you.

Now, you can select or purchase and access courses directly from the Online Classroom. Just click on “General Catalog – Browse Here” to view a full listing of all recorded webinars, courses, and Stewardship On Demand sessions. You can then filter based on topic by clicking any of the terms or you can search using keywords.

Once you select a course or session the process is very intuitive to complete and earn contact hours towards the CPPS or other credentials. In the example below, each module is a section that is full of content.

Once you finish the course and earn your certificate, you will automatically earn contact hours and your Product Stewardship Society education transcript updates instantly because of the integration!

Changes to the Stewardship On Demand Learning Library

We're most excited about the updates made to the Stewardship On Demand learning library. If you have accessed Stewardship On Demand in the past, we have some great news. You no longer have to go through the shopping cart and checkout process. Just click on “Stewardship On Demand,” select the session you want to view, and go! It’s that simple.

Access to the Stewardship On Demand learning library is now exclusive to Premium and Team members. Join or renew your membership and gain unlimited 24/7 access to over 200 sessions covering all aspects of product stewardship.

We are so excited for you to continue your professional development with us. Take a look at our overview page for more information on the new and improved Online Classroom.


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