Your Opportunity to Stay Current in the Profession

​If you’re looking to stay relevant in the industry, it’s important to connect with people and businesses who can help you reach your strategic goals. Putting yourself out there can be daunting…but at the Product Stewardship Conference, you’ll have the chance to meet with several of our valuable partner companies, all in one place.

Five leading companies represented by business and scientific experts will gather to share their knowledge and market experience via Partner Showcases. These fast-paced sessions cover everything from chemical data management to product compliance management software, and other topics dealing with the core aspects of the profession.

Below is a preview of what you can learn from this year’s Partner Showcases, led by our Platinum and Gold partners. We’re sure you’ll find relevant information to support your business needs and professional development goals.

Advancing Operational Excellence with Chemical Data by SPHERA

Creating safer, more sustainable products happens through effectively managing chemicals through the lifecycle. That’s why chemical data management is an essential operation that helps companies achieve compliance, enhance safety, reduce risk, and ultimately advance product stewardship. Presented by Josh Edwards, the SVP of Global Sales at SiteHawk, a Sphera Company, you’ll learn how accurate, comprehensive chemical data can help you achieve operational excellence.

A Science-Based Product Stewardship Program: From Product Development to Claims Defense by Praedicat​

Managing product stewardship challenges doesn’t stop at achieving compliance; proactive programs should be put in place to inform the lifecycle of your products. By taking an approach rooted in peer-reviewed science and objective third-party assessments, you can anticipate regulatory action, respond to perceptions in popular media, make informed reformulation and substitution decisions, manage liability insurance, defend claims strategically, and mitigate the risk of punitive damages. Grant Dewar, Praedicat’s Vice President of Global Industrials will introduce you to the company’s vision for elevating product stewardship beyond compliance.

ESG Performance & Market Dynamics: How Product Specific ESG Questions Are Rippling Through the Markets by ERM

Because of the increasing demand for ESG performance, companies are expected to disclose their most material issues. The financial markets, in turn, expect transparency on ESG matters. As investor coalitions increase their pressure, the ESG ecosystem should evolve to identify and integrate product stewardship’s emerging issues, such as product responsibility. Led by Mike Wallace, the ERM Partner responsible for expanding market engagement across North America, you’ll gain valuable insights into the market dynamics and how product specific ESG questions are rippling through the markets.

Improving Safety Assessments Through Toxicology Data Management by Evalueserve

Facing tougher-than-ever regulatory compliance obligations, product stewards need to collect, integrate, analyze and manage scientific data that show they meet high safety standards. Evalueserve’s Senior Toxicologist Bijoy Varghese and Senior Client Executive, IP & R&D Solutions, Jared Dominak discuss the challenges associated with toxicology data collection, data maintenance, and data integration, while sharing customized solutions and case studies on providing one-stop access to accurate, and comprehensive data.

Product Stewardship Program Digitization - Time for a Change by Gensuite LLC

As estimated by Verdantix in a recent report, global spend on product stewardship software will reach $1.15B by 2024. This calls for a robust software platform that facilitates cross-functional collaboration, streamlines supply chain due diligence, and informs product design. Hosted by Donovan Hornsby, Gensuite’s Vice President and Wei Jenny Yu, the company’s Leader for Strategic Development and Innovation, you’ll get introduced to the benefits of adapting a cloud-based, powerful software that offers a comprehensive system for product compliance management to help you adapt and respond to regulatory, operational, and market changes more effectively.

If you aren’t already, consider joining us this September to discuss the newest technologies and business strategies that can elevate your product stewardship program to the next level!

The Product Stewardship Conference is a “must-attend” event for product stewardship professionals. Learn current trends and best practices, while networking with the best and brightest in the profession. To register for our 2019 event, being held in Columbus, Ohio September 10-12, visit us here​.


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