Understanding and estimating exposures due to product use and handling is becoming more critical as regulations evolve, public demand for safe products increases, and a thorough understanding of risk throughout a product’s lifecycle is becoming increasingly important as REACH-like regulations spread across the globe.

This highly interactive online workshop will show you how a working knowledge of models and modeling is key to meeting customer and regulatory demands. We will cover key drivers that prompt exposure modeling, basic features and characterization of models, and common model inputs and outputs.

Our presenters will keep you engaged using a pre-event survey to tailor content based on your needs and polling questions throughout the workshop. A role-playing case study will also be used to demonstrate the model selection and data collection process, followed by a review of existing presentations and tools to assist product stewards in continuing their journey toward modeling proficiency. To facilitate interactivity, registration will be limited to 50 individuals.

Join us to learn how to effectively evaluate models for model selection and interpret results for informed decision-making.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, attendees will gain practical insights on how to:

  • Understand how models are useful to inform product stewardship decisions
  • Explain basic features and characteristics of exposure models
  • Get comfortable with using product exposure models


Denese Deeds, CIH, SDSRP, FAIHA, Senior Consultant, Industrial Health & Safety Consultants, LLC

Denese Deeds is co-founder of IHSC, LLC, where she is the Director of Chemical Regulatory Services. In that function she prepares SDS, labels, and other hazard communication documents and assists companies with overall chemical regulatory compliance. Prior to founding IHSC she worked as an industrial hygienist for General Electric and Westinghouse. Denese is a certified Industrial Hygienist. Denese is active on the AIHA Stewardship and Sustainability Committee and served on the team that developed the SDS and Label Author Registry. She is an AIHA Fellow, a past president of the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC), a Registered Specialist SDS and Label Authoring, the 2014 recipient of the AIHA Alice Hamilton Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award by SCHC in 2016. Denese is a frequent speaker and presenter at AIHA conferences. She participated in the Product Modeling Workshop at PSX in 2019.

Jon Hellerstein, M.S., CSP, CIH, Manager Product Stewardship, Carpenter Company

Jon Hellerstein is Manager of Product Stewardship for a large privately held manufacturer of polyurethane chemistry and foam. Jon served as adjunct professor of the Product Stewardship Graduate Program at the IU Fairbanks School of Public Health and on the Product Stewardship Society Board of Directors and Educational Committee. Jon also co-authored chapters in the Professional Practices of Product Stewardship.

As a career environmental health professional with a diverse practice serving industry or government agencies over the past 35 years, Jon performed exposure assessments and health risk assessments of chemical agents resulting from a variety of product use scenarios. He developed or applied exposure assessment models or performed emissions testing or use simulations to assess potential exposures from a variety of products.

Mandie Kramer, MS, CIH, CSP, Senior EHS Engineer, 3M

Mandie Kramer is an EHS professional at 3M company with experience in both product stewardship and industrial hygiene. She was a product steward for the Home Care Division at 3M for nearly five years, where she supported chemical and aerosol cleaning products. In recent years she has supported 3M manufacturing sites with industrial hygiene qualitative and quantitative exposure assessments. Mandie has a strong interest in exposure modeling and has experience with inhalation exposure modeling from manufacturing and product scenarios as well as aerosol exposure modeling to limit risk of COVID-19 transmissions. She holds her master’s degree in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Minnesota and her undergraduate degree in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She holds both the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certifications.

Jacob Persky, Principal and Cofounder, RHP Risk Management

Jacob Persky is a Principal and Cofounder at RHP Risk Management in Chicago, Illinois. His educational background includes a Master of Public Health degree, B.S. in Bioengineering, and 21 years' experience in environmental consulting. His professional focus involves working with industrial and manufacturing clients to evaluate exposure potential for chemical and biological hazards and understanding what the findings mean through various risk-based frameworks for purposes of regulatory compliance, liability management, and product stewardship. Mr. Persky uses models frequently in his practice and operates an Exposure Sciences Laboratory where he conducts experiments to validate and inform predictive models from the development of empirical data.

Josie Walton, MPH, CIH, Advanced Industrial Hygiene Specialist, 3M

Josie Walton received her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University and her master’s degree in environmental health sciences from the University of Minnesota. She is an industrial hygienist within the corporate EHS and Product Stewardship department at 3M, where she has worked for 13 years. At 3M, Josie’s experience includes development and implementation of business processes for the European Union’s chemical control law (REACH), product exposure assessment, GHS physical/chemical classification and training, and consultation for industrial hygiene-related hazard communication elements of 3M Safety Data Sheets. Josie is currently co-chair of the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Dermal Project Team, and a member of the Joint Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee/Stewardship and Sustainability Product Exposure Assessment Project Team.