The Product Stewardship Society’s Board of Directors needs you! This is your opportunity to help lead the Society in furthering the profession of product stewardship. The Product Stewardship Society is currently seeking product stewardship professionals to serve in the following leadership positions:

  • Secretary
  • President-elect
  • At-Large Director (1)

Some of the benefits of serving include:

  • Playing a significant role in advancing the product stewardship profession
  • An opportunity to enhance the value of the Product Stewardship Society to the product stewardship community
  • Developing, strengthening, and expanding your leadership skills
  • Building your professional network and exchanging ideas and perspectives with other volunteer leaders
  • An opportunity to help lead the Society through its next 5-year strategic plan

The Product Stewardship Society has identified a number of leadership competencies that will be part of the selection process for new Board members:

  • A demonstrated record of distinguished service and the potential for further contributions
  • Demonstrated performance at the highest level in scientific, industrial, public sector, and/or educational communities
  • A commitment to devote the time necessary to effectively perform Board duties
  • Demonstrated expertise in product stewardship
  • Prior Board or other leadership service in which an individual has been recognized as having advanced our strategic initiatives in some capacity, such as:
    1. Service as chair for a committee or volunteer group within the last five years
    1. Sustained active involvement in committees or volunteer groups or other Society activities
    1. Participation in PSX or other Society programs
    1. Participation at a high level in another leadership role in an allied association
  • Collaboration/professionalism: Demonstrated ability to work well with Board members, volunteers, staff, etc., to achieve results.
  • Finally, for officer positions, although NOT required, service as an at-large Director (or previously in another officer role) can provide the critical foundation needed to have a successful and impactful term.