Congratulations to the Spring 2021 Class of Certified Professional Product Stewards

The Product Stewardship Society extends its congratulations to the product stewardship professionals who recently earned the Certified Professional Product Steward (CPPS) credential.

  • Kathy Brewer, CPPS
  • Itai Chipinda, CPPS
  • Rachelle Erickson, CPPS
  • Saho Ikemoto, CPPS
  • Kevin Kransler, PhD, DABT, CPPS
  • Zachary Mikan, CPPS
  • Rebecca Morones, CPPS
  • Daniel Rieland, CPPS
  • Nicole Scatena, CPPS

These professionals have been added to the list of Certified Professional Product Stewards on the Board for Global EHS Credentialing’s (BGC) website.


Well Done

Congrats, new CPPS awardees!!

By John Hott, Ph.D. on April 19, 2021 10:35am

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