PSX 2023: Exploring the Future of Product Stewardship

Anticipation is high throughout the product stewardship community as we eagerly await PSX 2023. The upcoming event will introduce a wide range of new subjects and trends that can greatly impact how professionals approach product stewardship. With its dynamic lineup of discussions, the conference aims to provide attendees with valuable insights into the latest regulations and other factors influencing the industry.

The Product Stewardship Society had the opportunity to sit down with the members of the PSX Conference Program Committee to gain a deeper understanding of what to expect at PSX 2023 in Boston this October. They share their thoughts on what new topics will be covered, standout sessions, and valuable advice for making the most out of this exceptional conference.

Question: What emerging trends will be covered at PSX 2023, and how will they benefit attendees?

James Schmidt: PSX 2023 has some fascinating topics lined up that attendees can look forward to. One of the highlights is the exploration of how artificial intelligence intersects with product stewardship, a cutting-edge area of interest.

Additionally, the conference will delve into the global impact of product stewardship, with a particular focus on regulatory changes and strategies in influential regions like China, South America, and Central America. These discussions are expected to provide valuable insights into navigating diverse international landscapes.

There will also be sessions on crucial subjects like per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and sustainability, presented by experts with substantial knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

Jim Jenkins: At PSX 2023, there are several exciting topics and trends to look forward to, such as mandatory product passports, the use of artificial intelligence in product stewardship, ongoing challenges with PFAS, circular economy product risk assessments, and the integration of product stewardship with company sustainability goals. I believe that the education sessions, as well as the opening and closing keynote speakers, will create insightful and relevant discussions on the evolving landscape of product stewardship.

Natae Daniels: I strongly believe that the topics covered at PSX 2023 will help attendees stay up to date on the latest issues and important things to know about product stewardship.

Question: As a committee member, what are you most looking forward to at PSX 2023? Any standout sessions or speakers you'd recommend?

Daniels: I'm excited about the workshop called "Intro to Product Stewardship." I've been involved in product stewardship for three years, and I'm eager to learn new information during this session. I’m also very excited about the sessions that cover key learnings from issues and process improvements, so I’m looking forward to “Surprises, Gaps, and Near Misses for the Product Steward,” and “Innovators and Mavericks in Product Stewardship.”

Jenkins: I’m especially looking forward to hearing from Heather Henriksen about Harvard’s mission to find solutions to critical and systemic world problems. I also look forward to the intensity of the conference. I always come away with an explosion of ideas and opportunities.

Schmidt: I have my eye on "Tricks and Tips on FIFRA Regulations for Everyday Industrial Users of Biocides," "Current Regulatory and Scientific Developments in Microplastics," and "Using QSAR Analyses for Aquatic Toxicity Estimates for Dangerous Goods."

Question: Why should attendees prioritize PSX 2023 amidst the multitude of other conferences? What unique experiences can they expect?

Daniels: PSX stands out by offering various topics that might also be discussed in other industry meetings, but with a specific focus on product stewardship. This event presents an excellent chance to connect, build a network, and gain insights from individuals working in diverse industries.

Schmidt: If you are looking for expertise, experience, relevance, and collegiality, then PSX is a perfect fit - the ease to network with everyone from keynote speakers to industry professionals to aspiring stewards is a hallmark of the approachability of everyone who attends.

Jenkins: I want to highlight the fact that the speakers at PSX are really good, and they're friendly and easy to approach. The topics they cover are very relevant, and there are many important vendors there too. It's like an all-in-one package, covering everything you need.

Question: In what ways has PSX 2023 evolved or improved compared to previous years? Are there any notable changes or additions that attendees can look forward to?

Jenkins: The educational content at PSX has significantly evolved over the past few years, embracing more forward-thinking approaches. For instance, it delves into the relationship between stewardship and sustainability. The selection committee also deserves credit for working to find a balance between newcomer, intermediate, and advanced presentations, ensuring that everyone can find valuable insights and knowledge.

Question: As a member of the program committee, what advice would you give to attendees to make the most out of their experience at PSX 2023? Any tips or recommendations on how to navigate the conference effectively?

Daniels: To make the most of your conference experience, remember to plan ahead. Take the opportunity to review the abstracts for the talks in the conference schedule. Also, pay attention to the session type, as it will help you organize your time and understand how the content will be presented. This conference is fantastic because it caters to everyone, regardless of where you are in your career or conference journey.

Jenkins: Plan out your preferred topics before the conference starts. Once it starts, you will be busy! Eavesdrop on others who are talking about certain presentations they are excited about and meet as many people as you can. Set yourself an introduction target.

Schmidt: First, look at the agenda. The program committee does a great job organizing the sessions to match subjects and interests well. Check social media like LinkedIn for announcements before the event. If you have important topics to discuss, reach out to scheduled speakers in advance for some extra time. Lastly, tell everyone in your network that you'll be attending!

PSX 2023 will be held Oct. 17–19 at Westin Boston Seaport District in Boston. To learn more about the keynote sessions, view the conference program, or to register, visit the conference website.


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