December 7, 2020

Product Stewardship Society Congratulates the Inaugural Class of Certified Professional Product Stewards


Release No. FLL-20-09-21

Sue Marchese,
AIHA Communications
(703) 846-0742

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (December 07, 2020) — The Product Stewardship Society extends its congratulations to the 28 product stewardship professionals who recently earned the new Certified Professional Product StewardTM (CPPSTM) credential.

The inaugural class of Certified Professional Product Stewards is:

  • Ann Claasen, CPPS
  • Victoria Fedor, CPPS
  • Laua Fell, CPPS
  • Joseph Frasca, PhD, CPPS
  • Alison Gauthier, CIH, CPPS
  • Laurie Gneiding, CEP, CPPS
  • Thomas Grumbles, CIH, CPPS
  • Daniel Hagerty, CHMM, CPPS
  • Kristin Hartzell, CPPS
  • Dmitri Hollis, CPPS
  • Mark Jackson, CPPS
  • Caryn Kelly, CPPS
  • Mark McKinney, CIH, CPPS
  • John Mikan, CIH, CPPS
  • Kimberly Nelson, CPPS
  • Lisa Marie Nespoli, CPPS
  • Joshua Nevels, DC, CPPS
  • Stephanie Quijano, MS, CPPS
  • Lesa Rice-Jackson, CPPS
  • Brianna Scherffius, CPPS
  • Robert Skoglund, PhD, DABT, CIH, CPPS
  • Mary Ellen Snow, CPPS
  • David Szabo, PhD, DABT, CPPS
  • Shannon Thomas, CPPS
  • Tamah Vest, CPPS
  • Tony Villegas, CPPS
  • Jodi Visco, CPPS
  • Lu Yu, CPPS

“Congratulations to the first class of CPPSs. They have demonstrated their expertise and commitment to the best practice of product stewardship,” said Adam Seery, CAE, Director of the Product Stewardship Society. “We are pleased with the number of candidates who took on the challenge of the first examination, especially during a pandemic, and look for this number to grow significantly in the coming years.”

The CPPS is the first credential of its kind and provides professionals with an opportunity to distinguish their product stewardship expertise and build professional credibility within their organizations. The Product Stewardship Society supported the Board for Global EHS Credentialing (BGC) to establish of the Certified Professional Product Steward credential. The Product Stewardship Society offers several resources to help candidates prepare for the exam, including an updated online CPPS exam prep course.

The next CPPS examination will be administered in March 2021. The application deadline is January 15. For more information on the requirements for application, please visit BGC’s website.

About the Product Stewardship Society

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