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This highly interactive series of webinars provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of product stewardship including product compliance, risk management, sustainability, and toxicology.

Perfect for those new to product stewardship or with less than 5 years of experience, each webinar will be led by industry experts within their respective areas, including several Certified Professional Product Stewards®. To facilitate your learning, demonstrations, quizzes, live polling, and Q&A opportunities are included throughout.

Included Webinars

Fundamentals of Product Stewardship

The webinar reviews basic product stewardship terminology and highlights key product stewardship tools. A wide range of topics is introduced which includes the fundamentals of product stewardship, product compliance, risk management, toxicology, and concepts around product sustainability.

  • Sonia Razzaque, Vice President, Global Product Stewardship, Michelman
  • Lesa Rice-Jackson, PhD, CPPS, Managing Principal Consultant, Rice Jackson Health Safety and Regulatory Consulting Services
Introduction to Product Compliance

This webinar helps new product stewards understand the complexities of product compliance and gives an overview of regulations, frameworks, and concepts that you need to be aware of.

  • Joanna Matthew, Specialist, Yordas Group
  • Regina White, Product Stewardship Advisor - retired, ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Product Risk Management Basics

This webinar provides a high-level overview of exposure and risk assessment, risk characterization, and risk management and regulatory engagement strategy principles for product stewards and other related professional fields.

  • Steven Marks, CPPS, Director, Product Compliance, Avery Dennison
  • Tanner Peters, Risk Assessment Modeler, Eastman Chemical Company
Introduction to Sustainability

This webinar helps new product stewards understand the complexities surrounding sustainability and give a brief overview of regulations, frameworks, and concepts that you need to be aware of.

  • Mary Ellen Snow, CPPS, Global Product Stewardship Manager, Ergon, Inc.
  • Damon Waterworth, Sustainability Division Lead, Yordas Group
Basics of Toxicology

This webinar covers toxicological terminology, physiology and toxicokinetics, toxicological interactions, target organ toxicity, toxicological issues in product stewardship, the process of development exposure limits and toxicity reference values, qualitative/quantitative structural activity relationships (QSARs), toxicological classifications, and ecotoxicological effects on food webs.

  • Laurie Gneiding, CEP, CPPS, Associate Toxicologist, Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions
  • David Szabo, PhD, DABT, CPPS, Manager of Toxicology, PPG