Integrate product sustainability within your product stewardship processes by leveraging your existing data and using a shared data foundation.

Our panel of experts with backgrounds in product compliance, chemical management, and product sustainability will discuss the importance of data stewardship for integrated life cycle assessments.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the data needed for product sustainability
  • Identify how to use data for compliance and product sustainability
  • Understand how to maintain data quality


Francis Trudeau
Director of Product Management, Sphera

Francis Trudeau has served as the Director of Product Management at Sphera since 2016. Previously, he was Product Manager at IHS (now Sphera) and has 20 years of experience in developing enterprise solutions designed to help businesses meet their legal obligations in terms of chemical management, hazard communication, chemical control, and product marketability. He has a Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Montreal.

Sebastian Schulz
Product Manager, Product Sustainability, Sphera

Sebastian Schulz studied environmental engineering, is a native Life Cycle Assessment expert, and leads the development of the world’s most used product sustainability software. He is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Laura Patrick
Sr. Manager, Product Management, Sphera

Laura Patrick is a Solutions Manager at Sphera for Chemical Management software solutions. Her role focuses on understanding Chemical Management software needs in the market and ensuring the software built meets those needs. She has over 10 years of experience in the Product Stewardship space, including roles in both Chemical Management and Product Compliance. She resides in the California Bay Area with her husband and two daughters.

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