Product Stewardship is a critical business partner, no longer primarily known as a compliance-driven "license to operate" function. While helping to ensure that all products marketed and sold are safe for their intended use throughout their life cycle, the product stewardship function clearly contributes significantly to the bottom line and the company's ability to go to market. This publication provides a foundation for an overarching value strategy that can help build a solid business case and gain the support of top management, ensuring adequate resourcing and staff to meet the business strategy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Product Stewardship Competencies and Effectiveness

Chapter 3: Product Stewardship Function

Chapter 4: Product Stewardship and Business Interface

Chapter 5: Product Safety

Chapter 6: Risk Management and Product Stewardship

Chapter 7: Product and Customer Support

Chapter 8: Issue Response

Chapter 9: Measuring the Performance and Business Value of Product Stewardship

Chapter 10: Advocacy

Chapter 11: Legal Considerations Relating to Tort and Product Liability Law

Chapter 12: Corporate Reputation

Chapter 13: Competitive Advantage